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Free Bookkeeping Certificate Courses

NewStart Institute
NewStart Institute's, started by Issy Rabinowitz, overall goal is to provide students with a FREE education in order to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workforce. NewStart Institute is a web-based, education institution located in Ottawa, Canada. They offer free diploma courses in Bookkeeping and Office Management.

The programs are based on current North American Diploma programs which offer comprehensive computer training and other practical business skills training such as Accounting. A comparable diploma course cost $10,000. All programs offered by the Institute are carefully structured to correspond to similar programs and courses of study offered by leading North American institutions. The school is not accredited; but, the courses are “a foot in the door,” not a certificate to do brain surgery.

I myself supported this online school by providing approval to use any of my own bookkeeping tutorials or materials in the accounting course.

Accounting Diploma Course
Business software training such as Word, Excel, and QuickBooks is provided as well as the accounting courses.

Learn Accounting For Free
“The Harvard Business School doesn’t teach entry-level accounting anymore…This online accounting course is just so good that Harvard students use it instead. When outstanding becomes so easily available, average is over.”
Clayton Christensen, Harvard Professor

Has some pretty good exposure and some top endorsements, so it might be worth checking out.
50,000+ users have completed these lessons with rave reviews.

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